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Finding The Sweet Spot For Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, And More

  Every social media network you utilize has its own sweet spot, or best way to reach customers. Twitter marketing centers on compelling 140 character headlines, while for other platforms such as Pinterest or Facebook, pictorial contributions coupled with text represent the major content your customers will see and engage with. These and virtually hundreds of other platforms also have advertising opportunities that lead customers to your website when they click.


  Determining the best mix of social media engagement can be a challenge, but fortunately most platforms have statistical tools built-in so you can gauge performance. Just as you have a plan for search optimization on your website itself, you need to have a social media optimization (SMO) plan.

Optimize For Maximum Engagement

  Social media optimization uses the concept of viral marketing to spread the word about your company to new visitors and old ones, often by presenting something so interesting that visitors to a site want to share it with their friends.


  When friends click the links, the result is more website visits. Since Google now uses social media "likes" or "shares" in rating the websites, exploiting the potential of social media is important to your entire marketing effort.